Together we create new traditions

We love what we do and we would like to join you in every step of the way.

Therefore, we have prepared a couple of options of mutual collaboration, considering we are always willing to step outside the box.

The Seed


This is a consulting option that is perfect for people with special skills for planning, but who might need a little (or a lot) of extra help. We will dedicate quality time to conceptualize through brainstorming, selection of location and all details needed to get started.

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The Root


We will be one with you from start to finish. We will work tirelessly to guarantee that all the elements composing the day of your event are taken care of, including its unique design, all logistics needed, while you can feel free to just relax and enjoy throughout the process.

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The Green Experience


You are a free spirit, an adventurer, and you aspire for a meaningful and deep event. Being in harmony with nature and the environment is your lifestyle and your main focus is the pure celebration of love. And yes, wWe understand you! Events can cause a strong impact on the environment, but we make sure you know the ecological friendly alternatives and the sustainable and financial benefits they have. Let’s use your wedding day to change the world!

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The Sprout


Forget the world, and enjoy that moment that only the two of you will remember. Let’s fuse spontaneity and experience, and prepare the perfect celebration. At the end, all you need is love.

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We celebrate
with you!


Any reason is a great reason to celebrate. We do all kinds of social events, always keeping in mind the zero waste element. Whether it is for planning, decorating, custom design or coordinating, you will have our full support so you can also relax and enjoy your celebrations.

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