Love for life,
love for our planet

Apart from orchestrating an epic party, our most important values are inclusion, mindful actions towards the environment, celebration of love and our attention to detail.

As an eco-friendly company, we are proud to work with ecological providers to reduce our lasting impact on the environment, while leaving a significant impression in our community.

We like to do things a little differently around here. With every event, we aspire to contribute with our spirit of collaboration, dedication, and a desire to create an incredible experience for you as well as your guests.

We do this by supplying fair trade, ethical products, locally grown and harvested. We efficiently utilize recycled resources when available, and we create opportunities for donation: from food and flowers, to decoration and clothing.

We love to explore new territories, in order to boost your creativity and transform it into an exceptional experience that reflects who you are.

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Citlalli Peña González


I am excited that you are here and I look forward to making history together!

My name is Citlalli and I am the founder and lead planner of The Green Planner.
I love to connect with people, to understand their essence, to coordinate every detail and
be a witness to their most special moments. I really believe that all great events begin with a wonderful  dream that transforms at the right moment, which I am fortunate to help turn into a reality.

After witnessing first-hand the huge ecological impact of many large-scale events, I have decided to create a company that expresses my convictions, that respects the Earth like I respect each one of my clients, and while we are celebrating life, every event could be an opportunity to plant a seed in every one of your guests.

Throughout my career, I have built and maintained relationships with providers who base their work on the same values as mine, to create amazing, sustainable events, as unique as the love they honor and celebrate! My dream is to inspire through my work and to create a new wedding culture.

When I’m not busy planning your event, I really enjoy growing a small kitchen garden with my children and my husband, pampering our pets, and going to the beach so I can sink my feet in the fine white sand while sunbathing.

Heart, ethics & gratitude
#eco-conscious #greenlover

I have the good fortune of working with a team full of very creative people, with whom I share the dream of building a better world one event at a time.

Fernanda Escamilla


It is said that the dream of each person becomes a reality the moment they work for it, and I found mine in the delight of my College classmates, when I took over the planning and organizing of my graduation party: my very first event! In that brief moment, as I observed people having a blast that night, a huge feeling of satisfaction filled me, and I decided to follow that path. This lead me to achieve, 7 years ago, another one of my dreams: “to live in a beach destination.”

Currently, I combine my job as a wedding planner at The Green Planner with being an International Groups’ Coordinator, because I love to be part of the planning of travel itineraries for people who decide to come visit a destination as beautiful as Puerto Vallarta.

When I am not taking care of every detail of your wedding, you can find me immersed in travel books planning my next adventure in order to appreciate all different cultures, natural environments, specifically new marine life, customs, styles and trends.

Perla Balcazar


Allégro is a term used in ballet to describe bright and energetic movements. And I was surprised to discover that these movements had so much in common with the intensity of organizing an event. Various situations transported me from the classic ballet hall to the dance of hotel guest service. 

I discovered the values and skills that were essential for a vocation of service, such as honesty, generosity, ethics, proactivity and creativity; characteristics that in 2016 I had to master in order to connect with this beautiful project.

To this day, I continue to learn more movements, adding to the energy of planning every detail. I am also the creator of LA PERLA, beauty and self-care, which allows me to offer a series of natural and eco-friendly products, as well as inspire people around me to elaborate those same products and promoting responsible consumption and use, with the objective of bettering our body and the planet.

With the same passion as in professional ballet, I always promote my creativity as an artist, my service attitude as an event organizer and my connection with nature by creating sustainable products.    


John Otero


Based on my experience as a food engineer, my main goal is to guarantee the fertility of the land, the biodiversity, human and environmental health, and nutritional value.

I will guide you step by step in the planning process to reduce the environmental impact of your event, from the administrative aspects, to the selection of the menu. We will focus on local and seasonal products, seeking the perfect balance between the ingredients, so that any celebration is an harmony of smells, colors, and flavors. We will develop a triple-impact plan (event, community, and environment), personalized, comprehensive and sustainable, and will delight you with a menu design that is original and exquisite, to match your event.

In addition to the great satisfaction I get from pursuing my profession, my happiness revolves around my beautiful family, with whom I share my passion for creating kitchen gardens on the roof of our home, as well as the unconditional love we receive from our pets.